With a decade of company experience in mobile data and the widest variety of precise data sources on the market, Vista's mobile data is unparalleled in size and accuracy.
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Points of location data
Vista’s location data is an intelligent blend of Always-On and foreground location data. By combining the accuracy and continuity of Always-On data with the intelligent sampling and scale of exchange data, Vista’s offerings are built on an unparalleled foundation of location data.
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1st Party Apps
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SDK Partnerships
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Data Partnerships
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Advertising Data
Data Blending
Each method of data collection has it’s strengths and weaknesses. Vista’s solution is to simply utilize the strengths of each through an intelligent method of data blending developed by our in-house team of data scientists.
Vista blending
Data Screening
In order to derive insights that meet our high standards of confidence, our in-house team of data scientists heavily screens our data starting from the source. Only precise sources are accepted and are then screened further to ensure a high degree of accuracy across our entire database.
Vista cleaning
Continous High Quality Data
Accurate data that shows the complete picture of a consumers journey
High Quality Data
Accurate data that may show a visit to a location, but will not show the complete journey
Low Quality Data
Data with a degree of accuracy that does not meet our standards. Low Quality Data is discarded.
Bad Data
Data that has missing fields, is suspected of being fraudulent, or otherwise fails basic standards.
12 Stages of Screening to Ensure Accuracy and Precision
Mobile App White Listing
IDFA / IDFV Validation
GPS Coordinate Lookup
GPS source Check
Always-On Data Scoring
Continuity Conformation
IP Address Verification
Timestamp Collapsing
GPS Event Thresholding
UDID Event Thresholding
Optional Timestamp Breakout
Fraudulent Data Screening
Visit Matching
Location data is then analyzed for location visits using Vista’s library of 1 Million hand drawn polygons. Polygons are highly precise retail boundaries vastly superior to outdated point-and-radius measurement.
Vista pulse
Despite being exhaustive, this detailed process happens in near-real time. That way the insights available through Vista’s product suite are the most up to date source for informing your business decisions.