BrandView NEW
Discover actionable insights about your brand, competitors, and customers in near real-time with an intuitive visualization dashboard

We built BrandView for:

Vista retail
Retailers & Restaurants
Vista realstate
Real-estate Developers
    Marketing planning and measurement
    Investor research
    Operational analyses
    Site Selection & cannibalization studies
    Real-estate growth strategy
Explore Brand & Location Health Through a Powerful Dashboard
Vista 1 brandview monitorbrand
Vista 2 brandview planandmeasure
Vista 3 brandview mangerealestate
Vista 4 brandview identifyunderperformer
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The BrandView Dashboard is custom built for each client's needs. Pricing varies depending on the number of brands, regions, and stores. We can support any U.S. based brick and mortar chain. Setup is typically quick and easy.

Please provide us with a little bit of information and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!